WordPress 2.3 Related Posts Plugin 1.0

WordPress 2.3 Related Posts Plugin will generate related posts for WordPress 2.3 tags, and add your posts. This plugin ony for wordpress 2.3


Click here and download wp 2.3 related post plugin 1.0. Then, upload benzer_yazilar.php file under plugin directory and activate the plugin.


When you add below function code in your theme, you can display related posts.

Meaning of variables;

  • $siralama = Type t or r letter. t orders posts by date and r orders posts by random
  • $listeleme = a orders by ASC and d orders by DESC.
  • $yazi_limit = Limit for posts.
  • $gun_limit = Time limit for posts. Type as date number format like 60 (60 days).
  • $cikti_format = Print format. Default is like <li>%tarih%: <a href=”%url%” title=”%baslik%”>%baslik%</a> (%yorumsayi%)</li>. %tarih% is post date, %url% is post permalink, %baslik% is post title, %yorumsayi% is number of comments under post.
  • $tarih_format = Customize date format for $cikti_format. For more information, please look at PHP date function.

A little Note!

After you active plugin, it will send me trackback which contains “I installed and tried your plugin on my site “dmry.net”” message. It’s only knowing how many people are using this plugin. It won’t send any information.