WordPress SMF Bridge Plugin 1.0

I released this plugin’s BETA version a few weeks ago. But after I released beta version, SMF 1.1 RC3 released. And SMF 1.1 RC3 support UTF8 for character encoding. So I update wp&smf plugin to version 1.0. And now, if we install SMF with it’s utf8 language packs, we won’t have character encoding problems on wordress.

You can download the last version of SMF here, and utf-8 language packs here.

Upgrading Plugin

If you use WP&SMF BETA, first you must to deactive it and then you must to delete it’s folder (WP_SMF) under the plugin directory. After you can go install version 1.0.

Installing Plugin

First click here and download plugin file. Upload “WP_SMF” folder under wordpress plugin directory (wp-content/plugins) which in the compressed file. Than active “WP & SMF” plugin on the wordpress plugin management page.

Now you go to directory where you install SMF. In there, copy Settings.php and then paste it’s copy under plugin folder where you find in wp-content/plugins/WP_SMF. First you can download Settings.php to your computer and than upload it under WP_SMF folder. So you can copy it easy. And now installation finished. That’s all..

How can I use functions?

Functions usage are the same as BETA version’s functions.

You can show last SMF forum messages topics on wordpress.

You can show last SMF forum topics on wordpress.

You can show last SMF forum members on wordpress.

You can show SMF forum statistics like Total Members, Total Posts, Total Topics, Total Categories, Total Boards on WordPress.

A little Note!

After you active plugin, it will send me trackback which contains “I installed and tried your plugin on my site “dmry.net”” message. It’s only knowing how many people are using this plugin. It won’t send any information.

Version 1.0.1

I haven’t got free time so I can’t upgrade plugin version and can’t solve plugin problems. But Jeff Galloway solves some of this problems and now you can download version 1.0.1 here. And you can follow last upgrades on this page. Thank you Jeff Galloway 😉