WordPress Comment Url Validation 1.0

This plugin help you for visitors comments url validation. Some of visitors not write their real url address. If they haven’t web page, they prefer to write not valid url instead of writing anything. So you can see url address like “adsdsadas”, “http://wdasdas” etc.

WordPress Comment Url Validation 1.0 is compatable with WordPress 2.1.x

So this plugin will check all url addresses, and if url is valid, it will showed in comment else not showed..

For validation, we use fsockopen function 🙂

You can download plugin here..

A little Note!

After you active plugin, it will send me trackback which contains “I installed and tried your plugin on my site “dmry.net”” message. It’s only knowing how many people are using this plugin. It won’t send any information.

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